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NameVicki Bowerman
DateFebruary 24, 2014
Location: country/stateSouth Carolina
Enter textHave started the search for my next dog and ran across the Pumi. Love herders.

NameSara Rafferty
DateJune 6, 2014
Location: country/stateWoodruff SC
Enter textI have looked at the standard and I would like to come visit, check out the breed. Thank you

NameKaren Petterson
DateJune 8, 2014
Location: country/stateHudson, OH
Enter textHi - We are friends of Kay Rackley and adore her Urak. We are interested in one of his sister's puppies! We is a good time to talk more? Karen

NameKate Dumity
DateAugust 26, 2014
Location: country/stateFlorida
Enter textWould love to talk to you about being on your prospective homes list , please e-mail me when you can. Thanks

NameTerie Vass
DateJanuary 22, 2015
Location: country/stateVegas
Enter textWe're moving to central Tennessee this year, to retire on our mini farm. We hope to add a Hungarian breed to our half Hungarian family! I had a Puli in the 1970s but I think a Pumi is even cuter. Hope you have puppies later this year. :)

NameCliff Joseph
DateJuly 19, 2015
Location: country/stateCamden, South Carolina
Enter textWill you be attending the shows this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Greenville. I would like to visit with you if you have time and learn a little about the breed.

NamePatti Pitcock
DateJanuary 3, 2016
Location: country/stateNow Texas in March Florida
Enter textI am interested in purchasing a Pumi Puppy. I handle agility dogs. Please contact me.

Nameandrew weinberg
DateJanuary 23, 2016
Location: country/stateUSA - Sedona, AZ
Enter textHi - I have been researching the Pumi and am interested in learning more - I am also hoping to meet and speak with breeders as I believe it is a good match for my lifestyle. thank-you

NameJune plank
Your e-mailJune@wilgertesting. Com
DateApril 2, 2016
Location: country/stateSarasota, Florida. 34233
Enter textHi Nancy It was so enjoyable talking to you today. Please send me the required application to purchase one of your female puppies. I will send the $200. Deposit out on Monday! I can't wait

NameSue Reavis
Your e-mailsreavis01
DateJune 18, 2016
Location: country/state---
Enter text---

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